Biodynamic wines

(From Millton Wines, Gisborne, NZ):

For 30 years (our) grapes have been grown in the traditional manner using biodynamic techniques. This involves growing the grapes without the use of herbicides, insecticides, systemic fungicides or soluble fertilisers. It incorporates the use of special herbal, mineral and animal preparations and teas and includes a deep understanding of the complex cosmic rhythms which affect these daily activities.

Does it taste different? The answer to (this) question about the effect on taste, flavour, aroma and texture is quite simple. Yes, it does make a difference. Just ask the famous domains in Burgundy, the respected estates in Alsace and the well meaning properties in the USA why they have changed to biodynamics in these last years and continually the response is that the land smells sweeter, harbouring more microbial life and the wines have more texture, purity, length of palate presence and most importantly offer to the consumer an honest 'sense of place'.

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