Pyramid Valley, Canterbury, NZ

Mike and Claudia Elze Weersing (originally from the US and Germany) came to New Zealand in 1996, when Mike began making wine with Tim and Judy Finn at Neudorf Vineyards in Nelson.

After a long and intensive search to find a site for their own vineyard, they purchased a farm in the Pyramid Valley, near Waikari in North Canterbury, in 2000.

This site has been farmed biodynamically from inception: hand-based viticulture, low yields, natural winemaking.

All of their wines are fermented with their own yeast starters, cultured every year, from the vineyard itself.

'If wine is meant to be the bottled breath of a certain place, from a certain moment in time, then we feel that working with yeasts from that site, of that season, is an important step towards transparency and authenticity'.

The cultures allow very long, very regular ferments: most of the whites ferment for more than a year. During this time, the wine is protected, so no sulphur is necessary.

After so long a ferment, the wine is stable: thus most of the wines are bottled unfiltered, again with little or no sulphur.

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