Organic Wines

What are Organic Wines?

Here at Sustainable Wines we agree that organic wines can be defined in two parts – organic vineyards and organic wines.

  1. Organic vineyards are managed or farmed without the use of chemicals i.e. fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers.
  2. Organic wines are made from grapes grown in organically farmed vineyards, and additionally with little or no manipulation of the wines by reverse osmosis, excessive filtration, or flavour or sweetness additives. Many organic winemakers also prefer to use the wild yeasts that naturally occur on the fruit for fermentation, as opposed to adding supplemental yeasts.

Organically-certified means certification of the vineyard and/or winemaking facility by a government-recognised auditing body, such as EcoCert in the UK.

Here is an excerpt from Walnut Block Wines, Marlborough, NZ:
"Organic wine is both environmentally friendly and better for your health, because there are no chemical herbicides or pesticides used in the vineyard. Eco-friendly viticulture produces wine of exceptional quality."
Nigel Sowman, Walnut Block viticulturist says:
"Organic wine grapes allow the vineyard’s unique characters to be expressed due to less outside influences such as sprays and fertilizers. Depth of flavour and mouthfeel improves as the vines become more self sufficient and naturally balanced, which also results in a wider nuance of complexity".
BioGro NZ is one of the certifying organisations for organic grapes and wines, read more about them here
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