Natural Wine

What are Natural Wines?

From Isabelle Legeron MW

When wine was first made 8,000 years ago, it was not made using packets of yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, Mega Purple, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction or powdered tannins – some of the many additives and processes used (now) in winemaking worldwide.

The wines of these bygone days were natural: they were made from crushed grapes that fermented into wine…

According to Alexandre Bain, Pouilly-Fumé’s only natural wine producer, ‘organic and biodynamic are the tools, natural is the philosophy’…

Natural wine, supplied by Sustainable Wines, are grown organically and biodynamically but also…are all about low intervention in the cellar. There is, for example, no rectification of sugars or acidity, no addition of yeasts and no removal of excess dilution in a wet vintage. They are as nature intended: a frank representation of a piece of land in a particular year…

All the components necessary to start and complete fermentation and give balance and complexity to a wine must come from the vineyard itself.

(But) The main (credibility) issue is accreditation. There is none. As Jem Gardener of Vinceremos, a specialist organic wine importer in Leeds, points out, ‘we are expected to take it on trust... that they are using natural methods and ingredients. I’d love this to be sufficient, but I fear in this world it isn’t’.

Any grower can call themselves natural. Whether or not comes down to their own integrity.

Natural wine associations in Europe are attempting to rectify the situation with quality charters, and are working towards a common definition.
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