Situated just 5 kilometres east of Martinborough village, Escarpment’s 24 hectares of distinctive alluvial gravel, terraced land stretches out along the banks of the Huangarua River.

Overlooking the vineyard are the Aorangi Ranges, the very hills made famous by Kupe the great Polynesian voyager who discovered New Zealand, according to Maori legend. 

This warrior and his story provide the inspiration for the vineyard’s distinctive brand and logo. 

Escarpment Vineyard was established in 1998 as a joint business venture between Robert & Mem Kirby (of Australia’s Village Roadshow) and Larry & Sue McKenna.

The impetus behind establishing this vineyard came from the four’s deep love for Pinot Noir. 

Larry McKenna is the vineyard director and winemaker. He is particularly renowned and respected as one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent Pinot Noir winemakers, referred to by various wine writers and authorities as everything from the ‘Prince of Pinot Noir’, the ‘Godfather of Pinot Noir’, a Pinot Noir ‘legend’, to ‘maestro’.

Escarpment has four key vineyards: Kiwa, Kupe, Pahi and Te Rehua, each with its own singular characteristics. 

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