The Perfect Wine for Picnicking.

by Tulip Hambleton | September 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

When it comes to the perfect picnic wine – as with the perfect picnic food – there are certain important things to be taken into consideration. Sitting outdoors in the middle of a warm day calls for both food and wine which are cool, light, and refreshing. But there are other considerations – your picnic wine must also be easy to transport, a good daytime drink, still pleasant when no longer ice-cold, and it must pair with the food you are eating. With so many things to consider, picnics begin to look like more trouble than they are worth but fear not! We are here to help plan the whole thing.

What to Eat

  • Potato Salad – A picnic staple, make it in bulk in advance, it will all be gone by the time you head home, trust us.
  • Quiche – Easy to eat cold, easy to transport, easy to cater for even the fussiest eater (Plain cheese quiche, anyone?)
  • Cold Roasted Mediterranean veg – Roast vegetables at home with olive oil, garlic, and herbs, then have them cold as a salad or an accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses.
  • Smoked salmon – Of course.
  • Coronation Chicken – No British picnic is complete without this patriotic favourite. Plus, the light spices will complement our Ohau Woven Stone Rosé particularly well.
  • Prosciutto and asparagus bundles – The perfect starter which looks decadent…but is actually really simple! Best enjoyed with fizz.


What to Drink

Ohau Gravels Pinot Gris, 2014 (NZ) – SUSTAINABLE

With characters of tropical fruit, peach, and mandarin on the nose, this wine is bound to get you in a holiday mood. The palate is succulent and silky, with a touch of sweetness and juicy acidity which goes wonderfully with food.

Picnic points – It has a screw-cap so no stress if someone forgot the corkscrew.


Ohau Gravels Sauvignon Blanc 2014, (NZ) – SUSTAINABLE

This fabulous, sustainable Sauvignon won a silver Mundus Vini award in 2015. With aromas of fragrant blackcurrant, nettle, and stony notes and a palate featuring citrus skin and lime, this is a delightfully fresh wine with subtle 5% oak and a flinty, mineral finish.

Picnic points – You can impress your friends by turning up with an award-winning bottle.


Prosecco Casa Coste Piane, Valdobbiadene DOC (Italy) – ORGANIC/NATURAL

Although most Proseccos are chaptalized (sugar added) and carbonated in the Charmat method, this gem made from the Glera grape has been made in the champenoise method. The result is dry, clean, and minerally – the perfect natural tipple to enjoy with a picnic, free from added sulphur or sugar.

Picnic points – The light haziness of the wine (which is entirely natural as the process of filtration is not practised) is sure to provide great conversation material.

Select Riesling, Framingham, 2013 (NZ) – SUSTAINABLE

Many consider Riesling the perfect picnic wine – and we don’t disagree! This lovely sustainable wine from Framingham has an elegant, silky palate which strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Aromas of raspberry, cream, and beeswax give way to flavours of light red summer fruits, orange, cream and stonefruit, finishing with a dry minerality.

Picnic points – This Select Riseling is low-alcohol, at only 8.5%, making it the perfect wine for daytime drinking.


Rosé Ohau Woven Stone, 2014 (NZ) - SUSTAINABLE

Rosé is our picnic beverage of preference, and this fabulous Woven Stone rosé in particular. A charming blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, it has a bouquet bursting with fresh apple, stone fruit, and citrus which will match wonderfully with your light picnic fare, and very mild tannins.

Picnic points – Pink does look wonderful in the sunshine, doesn’t it?


What to Bring

Picnic perfection is achieved when one thinks beyond the food and drink, so we’re adding in our al fresco essentials which will take you from lunch on the lawn to open-air opulence.

  • Picnic blanket – will you go practical with a waterproof version, decadent with this luxury choice or welcoming with this enormous one?
  • Glasses – these can be plastic if necessary, as long as there is a stem.
  • Wine sleeves – ice packs which you can slip around your wine to keep it perfectly chilled.
  • Corkscrew – though thankfully for you, our wines of choice are picnic-friendly anyway.
  • Cushions – to lie back on, replete, after an idyllic meal.


What’s your picnic wine of choice? Are you a die-hard rosé fan, or do you go bold with a light, chilled red? Get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and let us know. Alternatively – tag us in your picnic drinking pics with #slurpselfie!  

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