Boxes for Boxing Day

by Tulip Hambleton | December 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Five days to go until the main event – but then what? The period after Christmas can be a tricky time after so much build up, but we do have one way you can ease the transition, and we’re calling it “Boxes for Boxing Day”.


The second day of Christmastide, December 26th has been celebrated as a national holiday since at least the 1830s. There is no definitive agreement as to how it got its name, but the general belief is that it is so called because it used to be the day when postmen, errand boys and servants of various kinds got a “Christmas-box” from their employers. These were usually presents or money, and occasionally leftover food, but we are re-imagining it for 2016-17 as boxes of wine…


To be clear, we do not mean the boxes of dubiously named “Spanish Red” which you buy for a fiver in the supermarket and come with a tap. We are talking about painstakingly-compiled mixed cases of sustainable goodness, and here are just a few reasons why we think you need them in your life.

  • No one wants to run to the shops on Boxing Day. Order in advance and you won’t have to!
  • A box of wine is a capital way to cheer you up during the post-Christmas-Day slump.
  • Treat your leftovers with respect! A top-notch turkey sandwich requires a top-notch tipple to match.
  • They are the perfect presents for any unforeseen guests who might drop in.
  • If you are very good, your box may even last you until New Year’s Eve and you will be able to toast 2017 in sustainable style.


Our Boxing Day Boxes

Ohau Mixed Wines Collection 

Two styles of Sauvignon Blanc, two styles of Pinot Gris, and a Rosé unlike any you have ever tasted. These wines all come from New Zealand’s newest wine region, and will make you reconsider all the preconceptions you had about New Zealand whites. All sustainably certified and all delicious, these make great gifts and go wonderfully with leftovers.


Christmas Sparkling Collection 

Just because Christmas is over does not mean there is nothing to toast on Boxing Day! Raise a glass to family and friends, say cheers to health and happiness or save a bottle to welcome in the New Year.


Christmas Reds Collection 

Nothing says “winter” like a warm room and a great glass of red. Cuddle up on Boxing Day with one of these rich red wines and enjoy yesterday’s gifts and wonderful company. Select as many bottles from our range of Christmas reds and stay cosy inside. 


Need help deciding what to drink this Christmas? Take a look here or here or reach out via Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to advise!

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